Saucy Piri Piri Chicken Penne Pasta


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All over evenly. No fuss, no faff, just flavour.


However you like: BBQ, Grill, Oven, Fry...

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Yes, we know, it's just that easy!


FLAVA IT Piri Piri

1 Red Onion

1 Red Pepper

Chicken Thighs

Penne Pasta

Garlic (1 Clove)

Tomato Purée

Mascarpone Cheese


Lemon Juice



  1. Add your penne pasta to salted, boiling water
  2. Meanwhile, slice the red onion, pepper and chicken thighs
  3. Add the sliced chicken thighs to a pan and heat up until almost cooked, then add the red onion and red pepper
  4. Dice the garlic and add to the pan, then stir for 1 minute
  5. Add the FLAVA IT Garlic & Herb sachet and heat for 5 minutes
  6. Add in 2 tbsp of the tomato purée, along with 1 cup of pasta water (save some pasta water aside encase you need more to thicken the sauce)
  7. Add in 1 heaped tbsp of mascarpone and mix well until it’s the creaminess you desire
  8. Mix in fresh coriander, a squeeze of lemon, and a sprinkle of shredded mozzarella
  9. Serve up with more fresh coriander 

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