About Us

Flava shouldn't be a task.

We recognise that cooking the same meals for the family at dinner time every day, every week, every month is an absolute chore and more importantly, boring! We are on a mission to change the reaction to the answer of ‘what’s for dinner?’ from unenthusiastic groans to excited cheers of joy and even potentially offers of help in the kitchen (okay, that might be a bit far…)!

So we got to work.

We want to give you the power of epic Flava and clean plates night after night. Our range of family favourite flavours: Chinese, Piri Piri, Smoky BBQ, Garden Mint and Garlic and Herb deliver big on Flava and low on price. Incredibly versatile seasonings that can be used across so many recipes (go check them out!). We want to give you easy inspiration and most importantly, great tasting dinners!

Enter stage left...

Flava It!

We understand that planning tasty and interesting meals to cook night after night, week after week is hard work. And that is why our range of delicious, easy to use seasonings are the perfect way to transform your favourite dishes. With flavours you know and love,
don’t just cook it… Flava It!