Garlic & Herb Chicken Flat Bread Salad


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All over evenly. No fuss, no faff, just flavour.


However you like: BBQ, Grill, Oven, Fry...

& Enjoy!

Yes, we know, it's just that easy!


FLAVA IT Garlic & Herb

Chicken Breast

Flat Bread

BBQ Sauce

Red Onion


Cherry Tomatoes

Potato/ Potato Wedges


  1. Cut the potatoes length ways to make wedges and cut up the chicken breast into chunks, then pour 1/2 to 3/4 of the sachet over them both
  2. Air fry the chicken and potato wedges for 20 minutes on 180 degrees
  3. Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes, slice the red onion and prep the salad
  4. Heat up the flat bread and coat with BBQ sauce
  5. Once the chicken and wedges are cooked, serve up!

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