Garlic & Herb Chicken Caesar Salad


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(Recipe estimates at approximately 443 calories and 46g of protein)



All over evenly. No fuss, no faff, just flavour.


However you like: BBQ, Grill, Oven, Fry...

& Enjoy!

Yes, we know, it's just that easy!


1/4 Pack of FLAVA IT Garlic & Herb

Iceberg lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Chicken Breast (150g)

Sunflower Seeds (5g)

Parmesan Shavings (10g)

Garlic & Herb Croutons (20g)

3tbsp of Caesar Dressing

Bacon flavour crumbles (10g)


  1. Dice the chicken and add to a bowl with a few sprays of olive oil and the FLAVA IT Garlic & Herb seasoning
  2. Transfer the chicken into a pan and cook until golden brown
  3. Meanwhile cut up your salad and combine in a bowl with the dressing
  4. Place in a bowl and top with the chicken and add the sunflower seeds, parmesan shavings and bacon flavour crumbles to finish!

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